Monenco Consulting Engineers Signed a Contract for Study of Iran Oman Interconnection Network

Monenco Consulting Engineers recently signed a contract of  “Feasibility Study of Iran and Oman Grids Interconnection”. The client is Oman Electricity Transmission Company.

Iran and Oman interconnection project provides this chance for both countries to access regional markets in addition to its intrinsic technical and economic benefits. In this project, by means of internal and global experiences of networks integration, a feasibility study about interconnection of Iran and Oman electrical networks will be performed and all strength and weakness points along with advantages and disadvantages of the plan will be investigated through an inclusive study from technical and economical points of view. Moreover, identifying the needs and requirements to utilize such interconnection together with providing technical, economic and financial recommendations in order to fully realize the benefits are in the scope of this consultancy services.

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